Is an ESOP the Right Option for Your Company?

It may be. It may not be. But the best way to find out whether an Employee Stock Ownership Plan
is right for your company is to start an unbiased and completely objective assessment from Verit Advisors.

If you’re the owner of a middle-market company, then an ESOP may help
you effectively address some of the unique challenges you have due to the economic and business environment, as well as shareholder dynamics.
And it may even be uniquely suited to your company’s strengths, culture
and structure, as well as to your particular situation and circumstances.

Let’s find out together.

Unmatched ESOP Expertise

With Verit Advisors at your side, you gain a team of professionals and nationally-recognized market leaders in a variety of complex ESOP structures and transactions.
We’ll help you gain a solid foothold on ESOPs and their advantages and considerations, and if it’s
right for your company, we can provide a customized solution based on deep technical knowledge
and unmatched ownership transfer experience.

Verit Advisors has rich experience with the entire gamut of ESOP and ESOP-related scenarios.
This includes:

In addition, we offer counsel to clients throughout the ESOP lifecycle, including new and existing ESOPs.