Business Owners

It’s Your Company. What Are You Going to Do With It?

That’s the big question. And what’s important to note about that question is the “you.”
Whether you started the company or acquired it, the point is that you made it happen.
Exploring your transfer of ownership options should be no different.

its_personalWhen you partner with Verit Advisors, you’ll benefit from specialized services and personalized advice that focus on what you want to make happen, today and tomorrow. It’s our goal to help you fulfill your vision for your company.

Services Focused on Your Objectives

Whether you’re a business owner considering a private equity partner,
sale to a strategic acquirer, recapitalization, Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), merger or any other form of ownership transition, we’ll put
together a deeply experienced team that leverages our foundational
values and resources;

  • Transaction expertise
  • Structuring & process
  • Capital allocation
  • Strategic insight